We are Nōme

Based in
Los Angeles,

Nōme design studio was founded by Valeria Sergienko, an international artist with a background in Interior and Product Design. Originally from Russia, Valeria relocated to Stockholm in 2015, where she developed an appreciation for the subtle and refined beauty of the Scandinavian design. The natural materials, frozen nature, calmness, and minimalism inherent in a Nordic design inspired Valeria to create her own design company. In 2019 Valeria brought these aesthetic principles to Los Angeles where she now offers design services to customers in the sphere of Art, Installations, and Product Design.

«I see the future of Art and Collectible Design as a possibility to re-establishing a connection between people and the natural environment and to eliminate negative impact through sustainable, skillful, sensitive approaches. I use innovative processes of experimentation and the search for new techniques and materials to improve the industry from within, allowing creativity to be more sufficient and meaningful. I believe that artistic projects should help to open our minds to social issues and inspire humanity to question how the way we live our lives and the products we consume affect the future of the planet. 

Design is a form of self-expression for me and life philosophy. Nature captivates me. Human individuality inspires me. Minimalism brings me to a place of harmony. I do what I love and I love to share it with you.» 



Object Permanence, Charity Auction, 2020 March, Los Angeles, US

Rhett Baruch Art+Design, Out of The Blue, 2020 February, Los Angeles, US

Salone Del Mobile — SaloneSatellite «Moscow winners» 2018 April, Milan, IT

Furniture Fair — «Rising star» Nomination by Yatzer, Domus, Dezeen and Stylepark. 2018 February, Stockholm, SW

Salone Del Mobile — SaloneSatellite Moscow — 2nd place, 2017 October, Moscow, RU


A+D Museum, Los Angeles US, 2020

Mint Gallery, London UK, 2018

Rinascente, Milan IT, 2018

Mater Earth Gallery, Copenhagen DK, 2018