Klein Clock

art object &

The clock was designed for Object Permanence, Edition 5 – a quarterly exhibition series that was created with the intent of highlighting Los Angeles design talent.

Dimentions: Ø300mm × 100mm

Materials: Metal, Jesmonite, one-way mirror, clear glass, LED strip.
Production: pre-manufactured form, handcrafted.

The Klein Clock is a reflection of motion through the shifting present moment. Observing the light around the shape generates a meditative state prompting the viewer to inquisitive speculation.

The one-way mirror is reflective on one side and transparent at the other. This transmission is achieved when one side of the mirror is brightly lit and the other side is dark. When the light is on, the person can see the pieces of broken glass reflecting the light. When it fades, the viewer is left with only their own reflection. The broken pieces of the glass cast everchanging shadows across a faded reflection of ourselves; a parallel to the passing of thoughts in our mind and our perception of them. Just like the shadow, our perception evolves like the passing of time until the thought is released leaving nothing but ourselves.

Price: $2000 — SOLD