Limited-edition lamp made for Rhett Baruch Art+Design Gallery "Out of The Blue" exhibition in Los Angeles.

Dimentions: 200mm x 250mm x h 1300mm

Materials: jesmonite, glass and LED strips.
Production: handcrafted, moulded shape.

Ma means gap, space, pause, the space between two structural parts. The spatial concept of this collection is an exploration of the intervals between form and formlessness, between light and darkness.

Three object’s materials: Jesmonite, glass and LED strips light create different combinations of volumes and illusions.

Jesmonite is a composite of a reactive mineral base and a water based acrylic resin, gives the textured base. Glass and light give reflections and transparency. Ma takes place in the imagination of the human who experiences these elements.

The disintegration of depth encourages a more conscious experience as the viewer forms the line between perception and reality.

Price: $6000 — SOLD