Custom product

Our studio has six years of experience working with European and American companies in Product Design.


We provide consulting of product development from concept to the final object: research of new techniques and materials, concept presentations, technical drawings and visualization renderings, test mockups and prototypes, technological improvement of production and development of new manufacturing methods, manufacturing processes supervision.

Installations & expo design

We started as a Product Design company with a background in Interior Design fostered an ability that translates into Art and Collectible design of furniture and accessories.


The experience of creating spaces and participating in worldwide exhibitions helps as now to understand the importance of brand representation and provide the service of Exhibition design and Installations: research of new visual forms, concept presentations, technical drawings and visualization renderings, materials selection, supervising at all stages of cooperation.

Identity & art

Our art direction combines art and design to evoke a cultural and emotional impact.


We determine the overall style desired for each project and articulate the vision to the team. This holistic approach brings clarity and definition to our work and helps to convey the essential message of the brand.

We are offering creative direction, conceptual thinking, and a distinct design language: develop philosophy and image of the brand, visual concept development, concepts for advertising campaigns, organization of photo-shoots for brand images, set design for exhibitions and brand representation.