Inspired by nature.

15 · 12 · 20 17

I was inspired by frigid nature of Iceland. Silent landscape, frozen horizon, seemingly loneliness and human-less... create magnificent atmosphere and make me experience initial internal feelings, that I expressed in my collection of ceramic objects. All the disconcerting feelings of this new perception of frozen nature are expressed through these collection, in which I try to transmit the mystery of the unknown, the unstable presence of sun the and the impact of its absence.


The project is intended to explore pure natural shapes and patterns. Black stones and rocks washed by water look massive, calm and landed in a blustery landscape. All forms were created by natural processes through time and space, that makes them powerful, unique and amazingly distinctive in colours and shapes.


Archetype is like a statement, model prototype or a constantly recurring symbol, canonical example, motif in art / literature / mythology / whole culture. The concept of collection is to have one model-prototype and different variations of patterns created randomly like art objects with an expression and experimentations.


Inspired by Andy Lee photographs.

Designer: Valeria Sergienko