Klein Reflection

Collection of modular furniture

06 · 02 · 20 18

“Blue has no dimensions; it is beyond dimensions, whereas the other colours are not. All colours arouse specific associative ideas while blue suggests at most the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual, visible nature what is most abstract... I did not like nothing, and thus that I met the empty, the deep empty, the depth of the blue” — Yves Klein.

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We are deeply connected to the space we live in, creating atmosphere and filling objects with our energy. Minimalism brings us to harmony. In order to to reach clarity and mindfulness we need clean, light, simple space and furniture.


This collection is based on a concept of stepping away from generalisation and awakening uniqueness and self expression. Each person has an individuality and defines the space with their physical, tactile and emotional experience.


A room is an empty cube, pure volume, a base for creativity and art expression, experiments and self search, spaciousness and perception. Base round shapes of the collection can be parts of different objects (table, bench, shelf, etc), depending on the material texture and one’s imagination.



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Monochrome objects give the feeling of pure materials and exacerbate one’s perception of texture, warmth, coldness, softness, fragility, hardness.

Anodized aluminium
Blue glass
Ribbed glass
Clear glass cylinders
Perforated metal
Led lighting



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Nome.klein 2
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The main principles of the collection

Simplicity / Clarity
Harmonic space
Change / Play
Interaction / Energy flow
Unique objects / Personal
Emotional aware
Sensitive materials

Pure volumes are made of different materials, that allow one to connect them without screws, as they have different weight and magnets in between, so that force of gravity makes them stable. Each object is like a living organism, a union, that is created from different parts, that support each other and come to balance.

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Nome.klein 21

During the exhibition the space has been changing by creating new objects from the same parts. It is an experiment to show how we can explore the shapes and understand how one shape can be a base for different objects.

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Nome.klein 20



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Inspired by Yves Klein art.

Designer: Valeria Sergienko