Collection of cups made of recycled materials

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The intention of collection is to connect people with the natural environment and eliminate negative impact through sustainable, skilful, sensitive design.

The decline of nature’s raw resources increasingly forces me to work with non-virgin materials. Seeing waste streams as a future starting point rather than an end point became the mission of this project.

Common waste materials, such as denim, leather, paper, plastic, rubber, styrofoam and glass were found and collected from different waste sources.



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Nome.perception 2

Waste materials were recycled and treated with the same appreciation as raw materials. Through craftsmanship and experimentation original textures and structures became the base for new products.



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The main principles of the collection

Environmental sustainability
Energy efficiency
Longer lasting products
Unique objects - personal
Emotional aware
Object essential meaning
Tactile deep sense

Sustainable design is based on phycological factors that fuel human not to waste objects by creating subject-object relationship. Longer lasting products are user-oriented and have meaning that gives perceptual attachment between the user and theproduct and encourages not to waste objects.

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Why cups? Cups are the best example of how a person can feel the object through sense: feel the material, the structure and the smell. Furthermore, cup is a symbol of people connection and love that creates mood and emotional impact.



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With this Perception project I want to emphasize human’s individuality by crafted unique cups that become art themselves. One cup is for one person, so that one can feel attraction and gravity towards it.

Designer: Valeria Sergienko